Sunday, February 16, 2014

Teresa Collins Mini Album - Memorabilia

If you haven't noticed, I really love quite a few of Teresa Collin's paper lines.  Her paper is heavy which I like for doing a project such as a mini album.  I really liked the sayings in this paper line which is what initially caught my eye.  I used a mix of Cricut and Silhouette cuts for it.  One of the pages is acrylic which is why you have one picture that is see through/invisible looking.  Lots of the polaroid frames, tags, and also a journaling booklet to add lots of pictures in or journal about whatever it's used for.   It's yet another album I am not sure what I'll do with.  I currently have three now sitting empty on my shelf.  I keep telling my best friend that I should look into selling them on Etsy, but I haven't gotten there yet. I don't know that I consider what I make good enough to put up on a site like that.  I used my Cinch for this one and used a spiral binding instead of the one you 'squish' down. 


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