Saturday, July 27, 2013

Silhouette Cameo vs Cricut - Informal Review

My best friend sent me a Cameo for an early birthday present (mine's in August).  He sent it early so I'd have the summer to play with it.  I can definitely say WOW so far.  The print and cut feature is totally cool and after having had the Cricut Imagine since lauch, that's saying a lot.  I hear a lot of people saying this, that and the other thing about the Cricut and the Cameo.  I can say I agree that they both have their place.  I do like a lot of the images that Cricut has put out.  They have that 'cuteness' factor to them. Some people don't like that.  The Silhouette has some, but not near as many as the Cricut.  I have no problem cutting intricate cuts on either machine. I've run into glitches with each so it really is a matter of settings I think (blade depth, etc.)  I *don't* care for the Silhouette mat and may do as many have and use my Cricut mats.  The Cameo mat holds up and is definitely very sticky like the old Cricut mats were (rips your paper).  It's very thin though.  We'll see. So far I've done the print and cut, vinyl, intricate cuts, regular cuts etc.  My crafting continues to grow so I like the idea of having more flexibility that the Cameo provides. I know I won't get rid of my cricut though because I like their images too. 


  1. Congratulations on your Cameo, Khrista! I have never been able to calibrate my Imagine correctly so the Cameo cut and print feature blew me away! Don't hesitate to throw out the Cameo mat and have lots of fun learning all about your new toy this summer. :) Your neighbor - Christine Y.


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