Friday, December 27, 2013

Personal December Daily 2013

I am definitely behind some on my December Daily this year.  So many projects I've been doing that this one kept getting pushed to the side.  I'll spend the next week catching up and finishing it though. I have the pictures printed and papers, so mainly just need to sit down and do it.  The numbers were a Silhouette download from their online store.  I used the same album last year. I like the idea of having the same size along a shelf. I suppose eventually Simple Stories will no longer carry them, but until then I'll use them. :) I'll probably pick another one or two up for the next two years one of these days with a coupon.

Altered Cigar Box and Cards

My mother in law's birthday is the day after Christmas.  Her husband is a retired optometrist and they owned their own business where she managed the front etc.  Anyways, they've collected some antique equipment over the years to put into their office.  When I saw the this Graphic 45 paper, I knew I would eventually make something for her with it.  I picked up this box at CraftWarehouse for $3. I painted it black, but just a light coat that I then sand papered to distress some. Modgepodge for the paper and then I embellished it. The glasses were just $1 from the dollar store. I'd never use real ones as those I donate to the Lion's etc.  The feet and corners are Tim Holtz.  I then used my Silhouette to make a bunch of cards.  I've been using it more lately as it's sitting on my table ready to go. I do find that the Silhouette software is much better than the Cricut Craft Room.  I hope ProvoCraft eventually adds more abilities to their software. I wasn't sure how it'd go over, but my DH called tonight and told me she loved it (whew!)  I have another one I'll be making with a different paper for another family member.  Thanks for looking!

These are actual pictures I've taken with my camera.  One simple and quick way to make some cards is with a 4x6" picture and some gold edging stickers.  Usually I do black in the background, but didn't this time. I think I prefer the black myself.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Fall Mini Album

Thank you so much to Alice for emailing me pictures o the mini I made her.  I often participate in the swaps on the Cricut Circle board.  They've always been fun.  The theme this time was Fall and to make a mini album.  RIGHT up my alley right?  Of course, I hadn't done one in a while and guess what kicked off my spur of all the ones I've posted lately? This did!  Of course, what did I then do? I mailed it off to my partner without taking pictures! Guess I was excited to get it on it's way (or I maybe just forgot :) ).  Most the papers I used are from Teresa Collins Giving collection.  I've had the papers for a while.  Some are also from this years DCWV Fall Stacks.  I wasn't sure if my partner celebrated Halloween, so kept it Fall.  I used mainly my cricut. The leaves are from my Cricut Imagine.  I think I did a few frames and the curly tree with the Silhouette.  I was going for a 'basket' full of leaves on the front.  I think it came out alright.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

G45 Steampunk Spells Altered Frame

Ok, I'm not sure if it's an altered frame.  This particular one is made by 7 Gypsies.  I picked it up at Michaels.  There's various ones. I used scraps of paper left from my mini album project for most of it.  Added a few pictures and then lots of embellishments.

Graphic 45 Steampunk Spells Mini Album

You would think I never craft with how often I post, but I do!!  Time to add a few posts.  I started to create this mini with someone else in mind and then I really liked how it came out so decided to keep it.  First time I have *ever* done that.  I'll make the someone else another one as I still have lots of paper. :)  I initiailly wasn't sure about this paper until I was dinking about on youtube and ran across various video's.  Sometimes it is just like fabric, it's what you do with it that makes it great.

So, I used a mix of Silhouette and Cricut Cuts.  The gears and clock on the one page that are big are from the Silhouette Store.The other gears on the front is the 'gears' from CCR.  Lots of tags and some flip out pages.  Also what looks like a little booklet that holds 12 pictures in it. All made by one 12"x12" piece of paper.  A few fussycut items with Utee on them.   I also learned about using magnets which I had NEVER heard of before.  It is SO GREAT! 

The how to video:

Some things I've learned.  The tiny magnets don't hold very well through layers of cardstock.  I ended up finding 3/8" x 1/32" on ebay:
that are working well in some other projects I have going on.  Thin which is good  but the little bit of a larger size seems to work better.  The 1/32" is the thinness you want in my opinion.

I went back and found a picture of my girls, and often my nephew, each year in their Halloween costumes.  I have blank tags for the next few years until they outgrow dressing up.  Perfect way to look back over the years of Halloween.
Thanks for looking!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Teresa Collins Vintage Finds Mini Album

The majority of the paper in this album is from Teresa Collins Vintage Finds collection.  That is also what the covers are.  I use a little of BoBunny's Timepiece Collection and Tim Holtz's Tattered Time Collection.  The album pages I cut using my Silhouette Cameo and a file I found on their store.  The frames in the album I used Cricuts new Small Talk Frames & Tags cartridge in my Imagine machine with Vintage Papers.  I started this as a much bigger album. I took 4 pages out when I got to counting out how many picture spots I had at one point.  The one thing I've learned when making albums is to periodically count how many spots I have for pictures.  You can easily end up having so many spots and tags for pictures that it kind of defeats the point of being a 'mini'.  It also takes more time.  I have no idea what I'll do with this album. It may become a gift.  I can see a bunch of family pictures in it though.  Thanks for looking!

Halloween Project Inspired by Jana Eubanks

I've been asked about this project again, so thought I'd bump it back up.  I'll be helping my sister make hers next weekend.

Originally Posted October 2012:
Hi!  Last year, at least I think that's when, I bookmarked Jana Eubanks link to the project she did.
I loved it and thought I'd eventually do something like this myself.  The frame lends itself perfectly to Halloween.  I had thought of trading out holiday scenes, but I don't think anything else would really go with this ornate black frame.  The frame is from IKEA.   The main two cartridges I used are 'Happy Hauntings' (for the house, coffin, fence and grass)  and 'A Frightful Affair' for the witch, mummy, etc.  I love that particular fence and haunted house.  I took some spider web, the kind you buy at Halloween to decorate with, and put it in my tree's with a little on the house too.  I added some glittery bats I bought from Michaels.  Inking here and there (like the grass). The house I know I cut at 11.5".  Most everything else was cut at 2"-2.5" with the exception of the tree.  I forgot to write that one down.  So thank you to Jana for the inspiration.