Friday, December 21, 2012

December Daily Updates

I've been busy since I finished the iPad case.  I have managed to catch up and stay caught up on my Daily December/December Daily. I'm finding that I'm enjoying the idea of doing everyday life pictures.  I'm going to start on Project Life next week after Christmas I think.  I'll get some of the pages laid out so all I have to do is insert the pictures for the most part. I'll do a weekly page/pages though.  Recap the weeks events. There's no way I have time to do it daily once I'm back at work.  Anyways.. below are some of my pages.

Monday, December 10, 2012

iPad case via Laura from 'Following the Paper Trail'

I was doing some blog hopping the other day.  I honestly was bored and just not feeling in the mood to make the things I 'need' to make.  One of my favorite blogs to check in on is Laura from Following the Paper Trail.  She designs some phenomenal projects.  She's on the Graphic 45 design team and I'm not sure what all else. Anyways, she designed an iPad case using chipboard and scrapbook paper. I am ALWAYS changing my iPad covers for various reasons.  Gotta love ebay! :) Anyways, I thought why not try this for fun.  I watched her UStream video which gives all the details of how to make one. It's also on her blog.  I went ahead and bought the pattern as I can see myself using this to make seasonal ones etc. I happened to have almost everything already on hand (I sew also so had velcro).  The only thing I didn't have that I need to find something to work is the Graphic 45 door pulls she uses.  I want to go to Lowe's/Home Depot to see if I can find anything there that might work too. Anyways. this is my first try. I'm amazed how STURDY it is.  More heavy duty than some of the ipad cases I've had.  I used Teresa Collins 'Now and Then' paper.  Laura's site:

Friday, December 7, 2012

Cricut meets Minecraft

lol.. don't you love that title? Anyways, the kids are all into this game called Minecraft. It's not too bad a game as they get pretty creative with it. To me it looks like an Atari version of Lego's or something. The graphics are very blocky, but I guess that's the way it's supposed to be. My older daughter loves the 'Creeper' that is in the game. She's put a bunch of Creeper items on her Christmas list. Well, the actual items are ridiculously expensive. If you look at it, it's just a green square with this black face. Talk about EASY to make on the cricut. So I used CCR, welded a bunch of squares together to make the face.. and here we are. One cheap ipad case (I go through these all the time as I get bored with the color etc so buy them off ebay etc) and some black vinyl equals one creeper face case. I'm happy to export the file for anyone that happens to want it. Just let me know.

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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

December Daily

Well, I'm only a few days behind on posting this.  I'm trying to keep this fairly simple. My goal is to keep up with this along with everything else. If I can give up the super embellished, all the cuts on a page, etc.. then I may be able to try Project Life. I bought the stuff for that mid year, but haven't started it.  My goal is to start that so this is a great trial run for me. :)

I bought a Simple Stories binder and covered it with paper. I used glimmer mist to mist what was white rosettes and used a glue gun to put them on. I haven't decided on putting a title on it or not. There is a thing on the side I can slip something into so may do that. We'll see.  Simple Stories also had a calendar page. I am writing a sentence on each day of what I did. By the end of the month I thought it'd be a fun overview to look at. I do have more journaling going onto the tags and pages.