Friday, November 30, 2012

December Countdown, December Daily, Journal Your Christmas, etc.

So I have recently been exposed to this thing called 'December Daily'.   I had never heard of it until this year.  It is very similar to the ProjectLife and all the other daily type scrapbooking, albums etc. you may have seen.  There are various ways to do this.  Since Christmas is my favorite season (even with all the stress etc :) at times around it), I though it would be fun to do.  You can use what you have to do this. Some people are using a SMASH book, some the Recollections type smash books, the ProjectLife pages, etc.  Use what you have.   So tomorrow is December 1st. I am going to *try* to do mine everyday if not every few. I kind of have to get through to next Wednesday before life settles back to it's usual craziness for this time of the year so I may be delayed the first few days.  I have already covered my album, minus the title.  I've also done the tags up through Dec. 25th.  I have not decided if I'll do the whole month or not yet.  We'll see.   So, follow along, share what you're doing, etc. 


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