Saturday, November 10, 2012

Christmas Banners for Special Needs Kids BLOG HOP, November 10-12, 2012

Back in October, I stumbled somehow across a wonderful blog hop hosted by Ellen (CardMonkey) that was occurring in which all of the banner's were going to a hospital for children with special needs to make it festive for Halloween as there are children that wouldn't be out trick or treating.   You may know that I teach children with special needs and so they all hold a special place in my heart.  Having spent my own time in a hospital for surgeries on and off growing up,  I know how 'sterile' a hospital can be and it can leave a very lasting impression. Even though people were friendly and nice, it's a place that I don't care to go to if at all possible.  Even driving by one brings memories up.  So, when I saw this hop I wanted to participate because the positive memories I do have are of places that were bright, festive, fun looking, etc.  and so what a perfect opportunity to hopefully make a child and their family smile while they are in the hospital during the holidays.  Children love decorations and children don't have expectations of 'it's not perfectly lined up on the page' usually. (I'll say usually as I do work with some that do :) )  So, if you enjoy making banners or like this idea, then make one and donate it to a hospital. Get a few crafting friends together and make a couple.  I'm sure they would be received with love.

With that said, I tried to think of a neutral holiday banner so it wouldn't be too religous, but I just couldn't get away from the idea in my head.  I did put Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas.  I have all this great glitter paper that I bought at Joann's.  I love it because it doesn't get ALL over the place and cuts nicely.  It goes on sale every so often so I just stock up then.  I made this banner heavier duty than I usually make my own banners so it would last. These also have chipboard as one of the layers. 
Cricut Cartridges used:  Christmas Cheer and Sophisticated Font 2
The bulbs were cut at 5.15" wide / 6.5 inches high (I used my gypsy)
My letters are 3.6" high (Used Cricut Craft Room)
Eyelets set with my Big Bite tool

This will be sent to Madison Womack in order to go to the children at the 'Children's Hospital Central California'.  As I said, inspired?  make one and donate it too.

Here is the Hop line up for Saturday, November 10:
  1. Ellen ♥ CardMonkey -
  2. Jessica -
  3. Lezlye -
  4. Edwina -
  5. Jenny -
  6. Shawnee -
  7. Scrappin Madge -
  8. Jeannie D. -
  9. Jessica E.~
  10. Kimi ~
  11. Janet ~
  12. Theresa Neubaum ~
  13. Khrista -   <-- currently="currently" here="here" li="li">
  14. An'Jenic -
  15. Jennifer R -
  16. Gloria W.
YOUR NEXT STOP is:  An'Jenic -

Thank you again for visiting us here for a beautiful and worthwhile endeavor. God bless all the little children wherever they spend their holidays!

Sunday and Monday's line up you can come back to as a reference:

For Sunday, November 11 (Thank you to all our Veteran's!):
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  2. Jessica S -
  3. Lezlye -
  4. Lori -
  5. Jenny D -
  6. Lissa Marie -
  7. Robin -
  8. Scrappin Madge -
  9. Jeannie -
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  11. Lisa T. -
  12. Kimi ~
  13. Beth~
  14. Dena ~
  15. Patricia ~
  16. Robin L -
  17. Jenny -

For Monday, November 12:
  1. Ellen ~ CardMonkey -
  2. Marianne -
  3. Beckie ~
  4. Tami -
  5. Heather D. -
  6. Jearise -
  7. Susan B -
  8. Jamie M.
  9. Linda Simpson -
  10. Theresa ~ www.thescrapbookingqueen.com_
  11. Vicky -
  12. Debbie T-
  13. Pam Funk -
  14. Shelly -
  15. Alina -
  16. Lisa L. -
  17. Nancie -
  18. Dorcas -
  19. Debbie _
  20. Rexann -


  1. Great job on your banner! Love the bulbs!

  2. Am i actually the first to comment here? What a colorful and cheery banner to brighten any child's life. Thanks for sharing!

  3. your banner is so bright and cheerful. Some child will love it. Thanks for sharing. Edwina Brown

  4. Love your banner and I am sure that It will Bring big smiles onto many sweet faces!! TFS!!

    ilovetonkinese2 at hotmail dot com

  5. WOW! I've never found a glitter paper that I like that also cuts well, so I'm off to try to find some of the stock you used on this BEAUTIFUL banner!! THANK YOU for sharing your talents with ill and injured children who need extra love over the holidays!

    Very fondly,
    Ellen ♥ CardMonkey

  6. Happy Holidays to you too! Love the banner and the message. The paper is awesome. I love the great colors. Thank you so much for making this and donating it to the kids:) You are the best. You ROCK!

  7. I love this Khrista!! The bright, shiny Christmas lights are sure to bring a smile to anyone and especially the children.

  8. This is an wonderful banner - your warm and caring spirit really sparkles in it! Love the Christmas bulbs and the tree!

  9. What a wonderful, colorful banner! Just love this banner! Thanks so much for participating in a wonderful cause! Hugs, Jenny

  10. How cute. Love the colors and the letters.



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