Sunday, September 29, 2013

Halloween Project Inspired by Jana Eubanks

I've been asked about this project again, so thought I'd bump it back up.  I'll be helping my sister make hers next weekend.

Originally Posted October 2012:
Hi!  Last year, at least I think that's when, I bookmarked Jana Eubanks link to the project she did.
I loved it and thought I'd eventually do something like this myself.  The frame lends itself perfectly to Halloween.  I had thought of trading out holiday scenes, but I don't think anything else would really go with this ornate black frame.  The frame is from IKEA.   The main two cartridges I used are 'Happy Hauntings' (for the house, coffin, fence and grass)  and 'A Frightful Affair' for the witch, mummy, etc.  I love that particular fence and haunted house.  I took some spider web, the kind you buy at Halloween to decorate with, and put it in my tree's with a little on the house too.  I added some glittery bats I bought from Michaels.  Inking here and there (like the grass). The house I know I cut at 11.5".  Most everything else was cut at 2"-2.5" with the exception of the tree.  I forgot to write that one down.  So thank you to Jana for the inspiration.


  1. This is very cool Khrista! It's hard to tell from the pics how big this is. It doesn't look 11.5, so the other elements all look super tiny. Was this hard to do? You did a great job on this!

  2. Thank you! It wasn't very hard to do. I just used either my Imagine or the Mini for the small shapes. I just kept it on a slower speed (2 on my Imagine) and it wasn't a problem. They are smaller pieces :) so I just used the 'main' pieces, not every piece that may go with a particular image. i.e. one headstone had two other tiny pieces.. I didn't use them.

  3. I really love this! I actually like yours better than Jana's, though hers is cool too, yours fits my style more. LOVE IT! I want to make one now too. lol

  4. Hi Khrista I love your projects but this is about the Cricut MB. It isnt letting me log in what ever I do. I know you help out a lot with it just wondered if you knew of any problems. Thanks. Susan


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