Monday, August 6, 2012

Summer Projects

I have not had much time to craft yet this summer. To many other projects that have needed to get done. Painting one daughters room, reorganizing both daughters rooms, yard stuff, teaching summer school, helping my mom and sister move down to the town I live in, etc. etc. I finished this and just now finally getting it posted. :) I have a digital SLR now that I love using. I should have bought one years ago because the pictures you can take are so much better. I take it whenever we go to the park etc. and practice with all the various settings and use it in manual mode. I happened to catch this series of pictures of my daughter and just liked them. It doesn't seem like there is much 'Cricut' here, but I cut the paper to fit over the mat frame. Definitely a trial and error process. It would have been easier to use an xacto knife, but I wanted crisp rectangles. Add a little bling, and there's one picture series to hang. :)


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