Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pirate Gift

As many of you know, I'm on the Cricut Messageboard. If I wasn't on there so often, I'd probably have a whole more more crafting and quilting done. :) Oh well, must be the teacher in me to help others with the Imagine etc. and then there are just so many darn ideas and of COURSE, lots of great people. Well, NewbieCrafter is on the messageboard and was having a birthday. You can find his blog here: He's quite creative and funny. Some of us thought he needed to get some mail. :) Who doesn't like getting mail and packages? I know I sure do! :) Unfortunately, and hopefully he forgives me :) , I somehow thought his birthday was Friday so ended up getting what I made out a little late. Being more a card maker, I was going to send a birthday card but just wasn't in the mood to make a card and the ideas I had were just too blah in my head (have I mentioned how critical I can be of my own work?) Now I gain information from observing, listening, chatting, etc. At one point, he had a Pirate theme going on with his work this year so I thought .. hm... I have 'Buccaneer' that I could come up with something. I've seen this idea in various places (not a pirate one though) and so went with it. My two lovely daughters thought I needed to make a ship and didn't understand the 'house'. I could only explain that I didn't have a 3-D cartridge and not the part that was in my head of thinking 'pirate tavern'. lol. Anyways, I almost forgot to take a few pictures. I added in a few small goodies and a battery tealite thinking it could be used for a candle holder if he wanted. For my first time, was kind of fun. I used Buccaneer for all the paper etc. I put some images inside the house looking through the window. The house itself is from Sweet Tooth Boxes. One of my favorite things is that I took some plastic acrylic and ran it through my cuttlebug (idea I had seen Nadia do on a project recently as seen here ) and used it for the 'window'. I LOVE LOVE how that came out. Reminds me of old fashioned window panes. I recently purchased this wire kit thing and had the idea of adding wire to the sign. It was a little heavy on the paper so I double cut the sign. Not sure if the sign made it still in tact. I shipped it in a box with those popcorn thingies. I hadn't posted it yet as I didn't want it to be seen until I know he received it. Thanks for looking! :)


  1. OMG, I was totally blown away by this on Ian's blog. That was just soooooo sweet of you to make it for him.

    It's absolutely gorgeous!! TFS! :-)

  2. Wow! So very creative of you. wtg


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