Sunday, May 20, 2012

Grand Cayman Layout

This was my favorite stop at the Grand Cayman's. I would go back to the Cayman's. Friendly, friendly people. Someone told us there's only one road all around the island so you can rent a jeep and go all the way around it to see it. The Turtle Farm was great. I never would have imagined being able to even hold one, let alone a couple of them. The little baby feels like leather and is very soft. Fragile little creatures. They quickly get heavier though. I thought Crush was perfect to add to the page. I actually used my own pictures to get RGB codes for what colors to use. I then inked him some to give a little more depth. The Grand Cayman title is from Wizards laser diecuts. I bought one for each of our stops when I was at CKC as they seemed perfect. I had not seen or worked with laser die cuts before and WOW. The percision of the tinies cut is amazing. :


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