Saturday, May 19, 2012

Cards for the Stash

I've always been more of a card maker. I consider myself a newbie when it comes to scrapbook layouts. They disney pages I did were my first layouts. Periodically I get in a crafting funk for lack of a better word. However, I want to craft and have the desire to make something. So, one thing I do is just make some simple cards to add to my stash. I always find myself needing a quick card for a thank you note, kids birthday, etc. I also have a daughter that likes to get into my stash and write little notes to her friends. They're usually pretty cute, but it makes me laugh as she often picks holiday ones. Recently she used a gingerbread one that was in my Christmas slot. I recently purchased the Wild Card 2 cartridge. I truly dislike the colors they used in the handbook. I sometimes wonder why they pick such strange colors sometimes. I've seen other people use the cart though with cute papers and colors. Mine were all made using the Imagine cartridges, Blast Off, Imagine More Cards, and Notebook Doodles. Nothing too fancy.


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