Monday, May 28, 2012

Circle Monthly Challenge

I don't think I've done a Cricut Circle Monthly Challenge until now. This is a two page layout of my daughters first ever swimming meet. I used the cartridge 'Sport Mania' for the swimmers. I used my Gypsy to weld them together to make it 12" long. I utilized the 'Birthday Cakes' cartridge for the letters. I didn't like the '1st' and so ended up using the 'Cricut Font and Basic Shapes' for the 1st. I'm really happy with how the team name came out as I wanted letters as close to the actual logo as I could get. Technically the red letters should be black, but I decided I wanted a litle more color to help remember their team colors are red and black. Their logo has an unusual 'R' and the Birthday Cakes font was very close. Most people probably wouldn't pay that close attention, but since my DH is one of the coaches and I have the actual logo on my computer, I was being very picky. :) Edited note - You should always double check your layouts for personal information. Thankfully I looked at it again after I posted and had missed that there was personal information on the card. So, it's obviously strange looking there now as I messed with it so that information wasn't showing.
Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pirate Gift

As many of you know, I'm on the Cricut Messageboard. If I wasn't on there so often, I'd probably have a whole more more crafting and quilting done. :) Oh well, must be the teacher in me to help others with the Imagine etc. and then there are just so many darn ideas and of COURSE, lots of great people. Well, NewbieCrafter is on the messageboard and was having a birthday. You can find his blog here: He's quite creative and funny. Some of us thought he needed to get some mail. :) Who doesn't like getting mail and packages? I know I sure do! :) Unfortunately, and hopefully he forgives me :) , I somehow thought his birthday was Friday so ended up getting what I made out a little late. Being more a card maker, I was going to send a birthday card but just wasn't in the mood to make a card and the ideas I had were just too blah in my head (have I mentioned how critical I can be of my own work?) Now I gain information from observing, listening, chatting, etc. At one point, he had a Pirate theme going on with his work this year so I thought .. hm... I have 'Buccaneer' that I could come up with something. I've seen this idea in various places (not a pirate one though) and so went with it. My two lovely daughters thought I needed to make a ship and didn't understand the 'house'. I could only explain that I didn't have a 3-D cartridge and not the part that was in my head of thinking 'pirate tavern'. lol. Anyways, I almost forgot to take a few pictures. I added in a few small goodies and a battery tealite thinking it could be used for a candle holder if he wanted. For my first time, was kind of fun. I used Buccaneer for all the paper etc. I put some images inside the house looking through the window. The house itself is from Sweet Tooth Boxes. One of my favorite things is that I took some plastic acrylic and ran it through my cuttlebug (idea I had seen Nadia do on a project recently as seen here ) and used it for the 'window'. I LOVE LOVE how that came out. Reminds me of old fashioned window panes. I recently purchased this wire kit thing and had the idea of adding wire to the sign. It was a little heavy on the paper so I double cut the sign. Not sure if the sign made it still in tact. I shipped it in a box with those popcorn thingies. I hadn't posted it yet as I didn't want it to be seen until I know he received it. Thanks for looking! :)
Sunday, May 20, 2012

Grand Cayman Layout

This was my favorite stop at the Grand Cayman's. I would go back to the Cayman's. Friendly, friendly people. Someone told us there's only one road all around the island so you can rent a jeep and go all the way around it to see it. The Turtle Farm was great. I never would have imagined being able to even hold one, let alone a couple of them. The little baby feels like leather and is very soft. Fragile little creatures. They quickly get heavier though. I thought Crush was perfect to add to the page. I actually used my own pictures to get RGB codes for what colors to use. I then inked him some to give a little more depth. The Grand Cayman title is from Wizards laser diecuts. I bought one for each of our stops when I was at CKC as they seemed perfect. I had not seen or worked with laser die cuts before and WOW. The percision of the tinies cut is amazing. :
Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sisterly Layout

The only thing 'cricut' in this layout is that I used Elegant Edges to cut the floral background. I went to CraftWarehouse recently and really loved these colors. They happen to go well I think with the picture too. Helps that one of my favorite colors is red. See, lots to like about this layout. Michael's now carries what I guess could be called 'bling tape'. I used that around the edge and learned that it does not curve very well. I had to go back and glue the curves down. It's fine now, but if you ever use the stuff, just know that it will pop up around curves without some extra adhesive. I used some flowers I have and glimmer misted them. They were white before. They're great as you can ink or glimmer mist them to get whatever color you want. My best friend took this picture of us when he visited in December when we were on the ferry. It's a really good one of my sister and I. :)

Mother's Day Cards

I had a few Mother's Day cards to make. Some were traditional floral, ok most of them are. I forgot to take a picture of one of them, but it was similar to one of these. I love the site creativecritterzimaginations( ) and so one of the designers cards there (Pam) inspired me on the rose one. The one with the kitchen I made for my sister just because I thought it was cute. You can't see all the details well. I used the Imagine cartridge 'Kate's Kitchen' for this one. Then pop dotted the layers out. My sister has red hair. I used glossy accents on the entire floor. Reminded me of that 'retro' shiny floor so I HAD to make it shiny.

Cards for the Stash

I've always been more of a card maker. I consider myself a newbie when it comes to scrapbook layouts. They disney pages I did were my first layouts. Periodically I get in a crafting funk for lack of a better word. However, I want to craft and have the desire to make something. So, one thing I do is just make some simple cards to add to my stash. I always find myself needing a quick card for a thank you note, kids birthday, etc. I also have a daughter that likes to get into my stash and write little notes to her friends. They're usually pretty cute, but it makes me laugh as she often picks holiday ones. Recently she used a gingerbread one that was in my Christmas slot. I recently purchased the Wild Card 2 cartridge. I truly dislike the colors they used in the handbook. I sometimes wonder why they pick such strange colors sometimes. I've seen other people use the cart though with cute papers and colors. Mine were all made using the Imagine cartridges, Blast Off, Imagine More Cards, and Notebook Doodles. Nothing too fancy.
Friday, May 11, 2012

Owl Card (NSD Circle Challenge)

This is probably my final entry for the National Scrapbooking Circle Challenges. This one was to use a new cartridge and an older catridge. The new cartridge I used was Wild Card 2. You really have to get beyond the colors they used in their handbook. No idea why they used primary colors. The cards are all very cute though if you use other colors I think. Then I used Hoot N Holler for the saying inside. The paper I used was DCWV Coral Couture. I apologize for not having the great of picture on this one, but I couldn't figure out how to combine two pictures into one in a jpeg format. :)
Thursday, May 10, 2012

NSD - Circle Challenge Using Scraps

Another of the National Scrapbooking Challenges on the Cricut Circle Blog was to create a layout using scraps. You could use one full sheet of paper. I've been using Lori's Garden quite a bit as I've been making Mother's Day cards. Well, my Imagine was not aligned correctly as I had rearranged my craft room and moved my machine a few times which I'm guessing is what did it. Now why I always have to do an advanced calibration, I've no idea but that's what my machine likes to get it right. So I had a small pile of cuts that were off (if you look close you can see the white) so just scrap cuts to me. I printed out a coordinating yellow pattern from the cartridge for my backdrop. Add some stickles and pop-ups for dimension and viola! I'm actually surprised that 1. I was able to use the scrap cuts and 2. I like what I created with them! lol. I did cut some of the images apart to 'fill' in space. I used the cuttlebug to add some embossing to the two blue flowers with the swirls folder. Thanks for looking!

National Scrapbooking Day - Circle Challenge

For National Scrapbooking Day, the Cricut Circle blog had two days with various challenges for prizes. They had games, a chat and other things also. The challenges are all due tomorrow. This is what I came up with for the color challenge. There were two blues, a peach type color, green, and a darker color (couldn't quite tell if it was black or dark blue). You can't quite tell that the flowers on this layout are pop dotted quite a bit so they 'pop' from the page. I used Art Noveau for the vase. The rest was all done with my Cricut Imagine and the Lori's Garden cartridge. My interesting fact I had posted up on the messageboard I found was I printed some backdrop script paper to maybe use from the Lori's Garden cartridge. While I was waiting for things to cut etc, I was looking at it and reading it. It's part of the U.S. constitution. I ended up not using the script for this project, but thought it was interesting. :) Thank you for all your kind and wonderful comments. I enjoy all of them.