Friday, March 2, 2012

I'm sort of crafting :)

I have my blog set as my home page so whenever I am on the computer I can't help but see when I last posted. It helps motivate me now to get projects posted up. Sadly though, I've done some crafting but haven't finished a project all the way. I'm currently working on calling cards for the cricut cruise. I'm using my Imagine and CCR. Unfortunately (I know, I'm NUTS to do this) I'm hand cutting the images out. Goes to show how much I wanted the image. If I have my Imagine cut it, it doesn't line up right unless I do them one by one. I can have a bunch hand cut in that time frame. This is because I have the image layers all together and so it prints as one image. You have to then put the mat back in to have it cut them. If you do what I did for this particular image, you can't have it print and cut at the same time. However, you can have it print and cut the layers individually, non-layered on top of each other images etc. on a page. That works fine (most of the time now) I hope they'll figure that out eventually. I've learned I have to quit out of CCR each time, shut my Imagine off, turn it on and then go back into CCR for it to do a major thing like I am doing now. Otherwise it freezes. Pretty annoying. I'll be curious to hear and see how that works on the cruise with the actual PC folks. What else am I up to. I have a project for my father in law I'm working on. I'm stumped on what I want to do. Maybe I'll post an image of what I have so far and you guys can give me ideas. Just in a creative funk on this one at the moment. CKC is next week. I'm going with a colleague that retired .. wow.. hm.. 5 years or so ago now I guess. I'll share what I make from the classes I'm signed up for. I'm just going for one day. Hopefully I can stay out of trouble in the Vendors Fair. :) That's it for now. Figured I'd at least put an updated post. :)Khrista


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