Sunday, March 18, 2012

Homemade Smash Books

I have a student going to China for a month. I make writing journals for my students that have a cover that has something to do with what they like each year. I told the student I'd make one for the trip as they'll be keeping a journal etc. but I got to looking at my stash and I saw I have Asian themed papers so thought I'd make a smash journal. My student has a sibling too so I thought I should make one for them too. I put in lined paper for their journaling, white paper to draw on etc and then Asian themed papers to smash on as I know they'll be printing pictures as they go. Hopefully they like them.
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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

It's Classified Employee Week!

If you didn't know it already, it is classified employee week. This is the para-educators, custodians, secretaries, kitchen staff, etc. in schools. People who do a LOT more than what they are paid for. I have the pleasure of working with four wonderful paraeducators (assistants) in my classroom. One we just hired, but I'm very impressed so far. I can say I have the best team working with students with special needs in our district and I frequently tell our director this. Anyways, last year I made them some sets of cards. They've been commenting a LOT lately how much they really loved those. I figure that was probably the hint to make some more. So, these are the cards I've made to put into a gift set for them so far. I pulled inspiration and scraplifted ideas from the Cricut Magazine (March 2012), so want to recognize and give credit to Kristen Swain for the Butterfly Card idea, Dixie Cravens for the multiple butterfly card, Monique Griffin for the Ewe card, and the cupcake card from another person. It must have been a different magazine than the one I just went through to get names, so will have to go track that name. I used the Imagine for all of these. The cartridges I used for images were 'Imagine More Cards', 'Just Because', and then the stock images on the machine itself. We all put our own small or big spin on things, so this some have my spin on them but credit for the original idea goes to the above folks. The rest are just ones I made up. Thanks for looking! :)Khrista
Sunday, March 11, 2012

CKC Layouts Continued

Here's the last few. :)

Creative Keepsakes Convention = Productive Weekend

I took a personal day from work on Friday. I'm really bad about using those and usually lose them each year. However, this year I couldn't go to the Creative Keepsakes Convention on Saturday and I really wanted to go. SO, I went on Friday. I went with a retired teaching friend of mine and we had fun. One of the classes I took was about making quick and classy layouts using the 'My Mind's Eye' lines of papers, etc. Now don't laugh too hard on this, but for some reason I NEVER gave thought to cutting around parts of the papers such as an entire bottom edge, or the middle part, etc. Every other shape yes, but when it was a paper with a specific design like flowers down one side, I've always left that there. This class had us fussy cut around them and then use that layered onto other papers. So here are some of the layouts from the class and then some I did when I got home as I have a bunch of My Mind's Eye papers to use. I took two other classes too that I'll have to get pictures of what I did posted. Thanks for looking! :)
Friday, March 2, 2012

I'm sort of crafting :)

I have my blog set as my home page so whenever I am on the computer I can't help but see when I last posted. It helps motivate me now to get projects posted up. Sadly though, I've done some crafting but haven't finished a project all the way. I'm currently working on calling cards for the cricut cruise. I'm using my Imagine and CCR. Unfortunately (I know, I'm NUTS to do this) I'm hand cutting the images out. Goes to show how much I wanted the image. If I have my Imagine cut it, it doesn't line up right unless I do them one by one. I can have a bunch hand cut in that time frame. This is because I have the image layers all together and so it prints as one image. You have to then put the mat back in to have it cut them. If you do what I did for this particular image, you can't have it print and cut at the same time. However, you can have it print and cut the layers individually, non-layered on top of each other images etc. on a page. That works fine (most of the time now) I hope they'll figure that out eventually. I've learned I have to quit out of CCR each time, shut my Imagine off, turn it on and then go back into CCR for it to do a major thing like I am doing now. Otherwise it freezes. Pretty annoying. I'll be curious to hear and see how that works on the cruise with the actual PC folks. What else am I up to. I have a project for my father in law I'm working on. I'm stumped on what I want to do. Maybe I'll post an image of what I have so far and you guys can give me ideas. Just in a creative funk on this one at the moment. CKC is next week. I'm going with a colleague that retired .. wow.. hm.. 5 years or so ago now I guess. I'll share what I make from the classes I'm signed up for. I'm just going for one day. Hopefully I can stay out of trouble in the Vendors Fair. :) That's it for now. Figured I'd at least put an updated post. :)Khrista