Thursday, February 9, 2012

Valentine's Day Card

I've been needing to make a Valentine's Card all week so I can get a package off into the mail. I ended up getting sick and just haven't been up to it until tonight. I used the French Manor cartridge for this card. It has a card feature on it and this is the 'sunflower' one. I then cut the Eiffel tower out. The card is cut out at 6.5" and the tower I think was 5". The paper is from DCWV. I took some pictures and then thought that it looked too plain still so I went back and added some gemstones and stickles. Some of the paper itself has a glitter to it so taking a picture to show the colors right is not easy. It's a pretty soft grey paper. Now I can get the package off in the mail tomorrow and it should arrive where it is going either Monday or Tuesday :)Thanks!


  1. Very elegant card! Love the colors!

  2. Beautiful! I love those papers too!

    OK, Khrista, I just figured out who you are on the Cricut MB. I love your new avatar picture. Sorry I didn't make the connection sooner (duh!).

  3. Beautiful card! Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my means a lot to me! Have a great week!


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