Sunday, February 5, 2012

Goofy & Pluto Disney Layouts

I am finally revisiting the disney album. If I can ever get this done, it will be my first ever scrapbook album. I did a bunch of disney pages last year to donate for an auction at the cancer walk. They put all the pages into an album so I suppose that is 'technically' the first completed album. I just don't count it because it didn't have any pictures in it etc. The best thing about the Imagine is the RGB codes. This is why I LOVE, LOVE my Imagine. I use a little program called Pixeur to get the RGB codes to match up the characters clothing, skin coloring etc. just right. I also use my gypsy so once I have done one of the characters, I save it. Eventually I think I'll have all of the Disney characters from the Mickey and Friends cartridge on my Gypsy. It will be a quick way to make cards etc. I don't think Mickey ever goes out of style. :) I kept both of these layouts fairly simple. Thanks for looking! :)


  1. What fun layouts! Great work!


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