Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Cricut Cruise 2012

If I'm doing this right, I'll now have a page dedicated to the Cricut Cruise (edited.. ok, so you can't POST on a new page I found out. However, you can put all of those with a label together so it shows up like a page.. now if that isn't silly). I had been talking about the cruise here and there and my DH said we should go as it's something we've looked at before. We have not taken a vacation of just us since our honeymoon in 1997. So, we looked into it and the great thing is that it leaves out of Texas. Well about two years ago, my dad and stepmom moved to Texas. Our girls haven't seen them since then and so we are taking them with us so they can spend the week with their grandparents. We'll then take a quick hop flight down to where the cruise departs from. Everyone is happy! :) The only downside is we just realized that the cruise comes back on Easter day so it will be our first Easter ever without our girls in a sense. We'll be spending the day flying back home (picking them up along the way), etc. I know they'll do something with their grandparents though. So we spent part of today signing up for the 'touristy' things at two of the stops. I signed up for the experienced Cricut classes and hope it's not too experienced for me! Only 55 days until we fly out and 57 days until we leave port. I figure I might start on some projects and post them here. If I'm able to while we're on the cruise, I'll post pictures of the projects we make etc.


  1. What an exciting time in your life! Enjoy the journey!


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