Thursday, February 9, 2012

Valentine's Day Card

I've been needing to make a Valentine's Card all week so I can get a package off into the mail. I ended up getting sick and just haven't been up to it until tonight. I used the French Manor cartridge for this card. It has a card feature on it and this is the 'sunflower' one. I then cut the Eiffel tower out. The card is cut out at 6.5" and the tower I think was 5". The paper is from DCWV. I took some pictures and then thought that it looked too plain still so I went back and added some gemstones and stickles. Some of the paper itself has a glitter to it so taking a picture to show the colors right is not easy. It's a pretty soft grey paper. Now I can get the package off in the mail tomorrow and it should arrive where it is going either Monday or Tuesday :)Thanks!
Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Cricut Cruise 2012

If I'm doing this right, I'll now have a page dedicated to the Cricut Cruise (edited.. ok, so you can't POST on a new page I found out. However, you can put all of those with a label together so it shows up like a page.. now if that isn't silly). I had been talking about the cruise here and there and my DH said we should go as it's something we've looked at before. We have not taken a vacation of just us since our honeymoon in 1997. So, we looked into it and the great thing is that it leaves out of Texas. Well about two years ago, my dad and stepmom moved to Texas. Our girls haven't seen them since then and so we are taking them with us so they can spend the week with their grandparents. We'll then take a quick hop flight down to where the cruise departs from. Everyone is happy! :) The only downside is we just realized that the cruise comes back on Easter day so it will be our first Easter ever without our girls in a sense. We'll be spending the day flying back home (picking them up along the way), etc. I know they'll do something with their grandparents though. So we spent part of today signing up for the 'touristy' things at two of the stops. I signed up for the experienced Cricut classes and hope it's not too experienced for me! Only 55 days until we fly out and 57 days until we leave port. I figure I might start on some projects and post them here. If I'm able to while we're on the cruise, I'll post pictures of the projects we make etc.

What do I take?!? (besides myself and my DH of course!)

So, I've been looking everywhere on what to take with me. So far, everyone has just said everything is included. Being me, I want to know does that include adhesive, ink, etc. I mean, what if I want to ink the edges of something? So crafting wise, I've no idea yet what I should take. I do plan to make some large ziplock bags of some paper / layouts I could work on during the open crop time. My Gypsy is just a given. I wonder if they'll have all of the Imagine cartridges (or all of the cartridges period?). I could see PC having Cricut Craft Room and some type of special access that then has all of their cartridges already linked into it. However, that requires a computer. Lots of questions, but no answers. Hopefully PC will release something as it gets closer. Seems like I saw something last year that they did. So that's just the crafting side of things. Now what to take for the actual cruise itself. Well.. given that I do not tan, sunscreen is a definite given. Swimsuit (ugh.. we know how we all love those). Comfortable clothing, etc. I've yet to quite figure out if I need to take a 'fancy' dress. Not being a huge 'dress' person (I'd rather dress fancy with pants!), I need to find that out. There may be some clothes shopping in my future. Someone told my DH today that you wear your dress the first day, because you won't fit into it again afterwards due to all the food! Lots of questions so far, but hopefully will find answers to some of them and if I do, I'll post them. If you know any, PLEASE let me know :)
Sunday, February 5, 2012

Goofy & Pluto Disney Layouts

I am finally revisiting the disney album. If I can ever get this done, it will be my first ever scrapbook album. I did a bunch of disney pages last year to donate for an auction at the cancer walk. They put all the pages into an album so I suppose that is 'technically' the first completed album. I just don't count it because it didn't have any pictures in it etc. The best thing about the Imagine is the RGB codes. This is why I LOVE, LOVE my Imagine. I use a little program called Pixeur to get the RGB codes to match up the characters clothing, skin coloring etc. just right. I also use my gypsy so once I have done one of the characters, I save it. Eventually I think I'll have all of the Disney characters from the Mickey and Friends cartridge on my Gypsy. It will be a quick way to make cards etc. I don't think Mickey ever goes out of style. :) I kept both of these layouts fairly simple. Thanks for looking! :)