Tuesday, November 29, 2011

School Ideas

As usual, I have a million things going on. I do actually find time to be creative. I even remember to take pictures! I tend to post things on the messageboard, but then forget to do so here. Figure I'd put some things up.
Above is a back to school bulletin board I did. Kids loved it. My classroom happens to be at the end of the hall where all the kids come in each morning, so I try to think of bulletin boards that have words of wisdom, positive things, etc. on them. I laminated the MP3 players so I could use a dry erase pen on them. That way next year I can write something different on them if I want or use them within my classroom.
My learning targets. I thought Hello Kitty would be more fun than the little targets. I also have a few students that love Hello Kitty.


  1. Thank you for sharing these ideas! I'm the class mom for my daughter's 5th grade class and volunteered to decorate the boards for her. So far, it has been so much fun! I was a little intimidated because I only have girls and didn't know how the boys would respond. Also, when I did the holiday decorations, I was a little worried that it should be more of a winter theme and not so much about Christmas. I wound up using my Snow Angel cartridge and I think it was well-received! I was honored to find out that the teacher has been laminating everything so that she can use it again next year :) I also do the photography for the PTA and use those photos for the main bulletin boards. It can be a little overwhelming but I think the kids really love to see themselves in the pictures and really like the Cricut cuts because they are so different from anything the school has. I will post more pix of my recent boards and I'd love to see more of your school-related ideas! What grades are your boards created for? Mine are K-5.

    Thanks again for the inspiration!


  2. Thank you!! :) Sorry, had company for a few weeks so just getting back to the blog. I teach K-5 special education so have kids in each grade level. :) I need to design a new one for out in the hallway so will have to get thinking!

  3. Cute idea!
    Teresa Turner


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