Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I've gotten into making banners. One of my favorite cartridges lately is the new Ribbons and Rosettes one. I'm in the process of finishing my Christmas Banner. This is my Thanksgiving one. I used Snapshot Nature to do the Rosettes. A lot of people have a hard time figuring out what to use the Snapshot cartridges for. The nature one is one of my favorite ones. I've used the tree pattern for limbs or tree trunks. I've used the various floral for flowers. It's always just been a mix of things.

School Ideas

As usual, I have a million things going on. I do actually find time to be creative. I even remember to take pictures! I tend to post things on the messageboard, but then forget to do so here. Figure I'd put some things up.
Above is a back to school bulletin board I did. Kids loved it. My classroom happens to be at the end of the hall where all the kids come in each morning, so I try to think of bulletin boards that have words of wisdom, positive things, etc. on them. I laminated the MP3 players so I could use a dry erase pen on them. That way next year I can write something different on them if I want or use them within my classroom.
My learning targets. I thought Hello Kitty would be more fun than the little targets. I also have a few students that love Hello Kitty.