Friday, July 22, 2011

Catch up time

Ok, I set the blog as my home page and I'm still not updating it! lol. I've been busy creating this summer though. So, time to start posting pics of things I've done. I'll start with all my Disney Layouts. We went to Disneyland for the first time last summer. This will be my first ever scrapbook when it's finished. I'm happy with how the pages are so far. I got really thrilled when they made the Cricut Chirp. All of the images were created using my Imagine. I love this machine, even though I've had to return a few since the launch. I love having it spit out a mat with all my layers on it. I often do not do the black layer though in ink and just use black cardstock. The ink does smear and so when I use glue, my tip on the glue pen ends up black. The black also seems to really saturate the paper. I suppose I could try it on the more draft quality and may one of these days. :) The one that says 'The End' and 'Memories' are two of the layouts from a bunch of pages I made and donated to a Relay for Life team that they then put into an album for an auction. I'll post pics of those too .


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