Monday, August 16, 2010

Summer can't be over yet!

So I went from looking for a job this summer to having one again and thinking I'd have a few more weeks as teacher's don't start here until the end of August. Guess I shouldn't have been 'thinking' that hard. I walked into a classroom with walls, that's it. I knew it was a brand new program that's never existed and was even involved with some of the planning as I'm in the same district I ended in last year. However, I wasn't quite ready for the shock of having absolutely nothing. I thought they had ordered some stuff, but nope.. they hadn't. Found out I have a week and a half training to go to also. Technically it's optional, but the person doing it is a colleague of mine I've known for years so will go just so I can pick on him (and learn something new). So.. I now have some furniture. Got to go spend a bunch of money buying some curriculum and manipulatives (what teacher doesn't love spending money for supplies that's not their own money? :) ). I did make myself a nametag using 'Speaking of School'. I'll have to post some pictures of my classroom work in progress. Probably sounds odd that I'm taking pictures, but I have another friend (colleague) that goes all over teaching about Autism and children with very high needs. She wanted to be able to share with new teachers what you might have in your head what a classroom will look like when you walk into it, and what in reality it could be. Also, where do you start first as it can be overwhelming to have nothing. So, am taking pictures and logging my thoughts as I go just for her. She's a published author so who knows, may end up in a book someday..

There is never a dull day in education and I don't think ever a day where something unexpected happens. :)


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