Thursday, August 26, 2010

Projects Galore going on

So.. not only am I on the countdown to school starting (August 30th), I have all these other projects going on. We've just about finished laying down a hardwood floor in our downstairs. That took some time as we didn't want to rip out the existing entry flooring and so were able to match it up pretty well. Saved us a few hundred dollars. I jokingly call it our dance floor at the moment as it's a large room and the furniture is not on it. It will be by tonight though, but still a large space. So, that is one almost done project. However.. now I am revisiting my 'craft/computer/guest/etc' room. This is the largest room in the house I believe. We used to have a bed in it for guests. We've since given that to a family member and have an aerobed. I have all my card making/scrapbooking/cricut etc. stuff pretty organized. I also have all my quilting fabric folded nice and neat and organized in the closet. Same with the computer side. For some reason though, I am just not satisfied with it. The only reason I can think of why I'm not is that it's various furniture that just has 'ended' up there. I've also discovered that although the 12-14" wide table looks really nice.. having a little wider place so you can have say your pens in a jar without getting in the way could be handy. So, I'm looking online on ways to restructure the room. Not really re-organizing as it is, but maybe re-thinking the layout. I don't really take advantage of wall space either for shelves. You don't notice that there's a large barbie house in the room too.. so my girls will play with that. The entire center of the room is empty.. did that for when we have guests.. So.. no answer.. but probably going to drive my hubby nuts when he hears I'm thinking about revisiting that room (even getting rid of the rug there too :) ). I think something totally whimsy and just fun would be cool. After all.. it's a room that needs to spark creativity too. If anyone knows of any great sites for ideas.. please let me know.


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