Monday, August 16, 2010

Autograph Books


This is my two girls. They had no idea we were going to Disneyland for a family vacation. They've never been. The last time I went, Tomorrowland looked like the 60's. I had spent the past month working on an autograph for each of them using my cricut and all the Disney cartridges pretty much. Funny enough, we drove there and we had them convinced we were going to see grandparents in Texas. Well, we figured our story wouldn't hold up as soon as we got close enough for there to be signs for Disneyland. So what happens? They both fall asleep the last 30 minutes of the drive!! This is them in the hotel we stayed at. My oldest thought I had been a disney fanatic with my cricut lately. They saw me working on the characters, but I just told them I liked Disney (which I do). She no longer thinks I'm totally nuts and now knows one strategy to figure out where you are is to look at license plates. The autograph books turned out great I think. When we got home, I got pictures printed right away and it was a fast and easy job to put them into the books. That's what they've been showing their friends. I'm working on a scrapbook (my first ever) of the trip in between my school projects. I'll put it online as I go too maybe.
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