Saturday, September 3, 2016

Maybe time to start again?

I was telling someone about my blog today, and that it had been a while since I've posted to it. For some reason, I thought it had been about a year.  Turns out, it's been almost TWO! EEP!! I have crafted during that time. The usual cards and albums.  However, I also picked up jewelry making a little. So, thought I'd kick start back with some pictures of some of what I made.  The first are some simple bookmarks. Nothing too fancy.  They were gifts for colleagues of mine for Classified Week at work.  The others are some necklaces I made.  I kick myself as I made some as Christmas gifts and didn't take a picture before giving them away. Can you tell what two of my favorite colors are? :) Actually, I love how the pink and flower beaded one came out. I apologize as they are not the greatest pictures, but you get the idea. Enjoy! Hopefully, I'll start posting a little more for you all. Even dusted off two Cricut machines.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Long time, no crafty :(

Every time I open up my web browser, I see my poor blogging page with no updates. :(  I have done just a couple of projects since my last post. One was a wedding gift that I couldn't post until after the wedding which was in July.  Of course, then when I got back from there I had to format my computer and just have not had the time to pull the pictures off of my backup drive to upload.  For whatever reasons, I guess I've hit a definite crafting block that I haven't been able to shake off quite yet.  I've bought the new Graphic 45 Halloween Stack this year to make something possibly.  Better figure out what and get started since October is almost here.  It's almost that time of year to think about starting Christmas cards and all the gift sets I usually do. I've had a few hints dropped lately that the cards I made them are almost gone or are gone.  It seems whenever I give a set of cards away, I get those comments.  It does make me happy to know they are enjoyed so much as we are always our own worst critic.  So, that is possibly what is up next for me to get back to the crafting Cricut/Silhouette/Sewing world.  :)  So I hope you've all been crafting and I'm on my way to doing so.
Monday, April 28, 2014

Chat Time!!

Looks like it's time for a crafting chat night!  I pulled it down from my blog as it wasn't really being used and something I paid for.  Looks like I have found a new one that is free and looks MUCHO better! Can handle a lot of users too which is huge.  So, will put it up and do some testing before the weekend! :)

So far, so good!  Now I better look at what projects I've been working on that I can post on my blog because.. well..... it's been .. uhm...  a while since I posted a new one? (oops?) :)
Friday, February 21, 2014

Imagine Project

You probably all thought I did away with my Imagine, but I haven't!  I admit that I have not used it in a while though.  I decided to open it up and do some type of project as I was bored one night, but didn't want to start any major project.  Rather than making a card, I made a wall piece.  This is a project from within one of booklets. I changed out some things, added stickles, and popped it out to be more 3-D.

Graphic 45 File Mini Album

I used the pattern on the Graphic 45 blog using File Folders for the February Challenge found here:

I am not much of a binder clip person when I do my mini albums so I switched and used my Bind it All for this project.  Two pockets with tags sticking out and plenty of spots for pictures. First time I've used file folders for a project.  It does provide a nice thickness for pages.  I inked the edges of mine also. Thanks for looking!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Teresa Collins Mini Album - Memorabilia

If you haven't noticed, I really love quite a few of Teresa Collin's paper lines.  Her paper is heavy which I like for doing a project such as a mini album.  I really liked the sayings in this paper line which is what initially caught my eye.  I used a mix of Cricut and Silhouette cuts for it.  One of the pages is acrylic which is why you have one picture that is see through/invisible looking.  Lots of the polaroid frames, tags, and also a journaling booklet to add lots of pictures in or journal about whatever it's used for.   It's yet another album I am not sure what I'll do with.  I currently have three now sitting empty on my shelf.  I keep telling my best friend that I should look into selling them on Etsy, but I haven't gotten there yet. I don't know that I consider what I make good enough to put up on a site like that.  I used my Cinch for this one and used a spiral binding instead of the one you 'squish' down. 

Valentine Cards - Pop Up Card

I saw this awesome way to make a pop up card like an exploding box that you can actually mail which would make a great gift for someone.  I made two of them for Valentine's for two people close to me.  You could do this for birthdays, etc.  One thing I did not realize is that the two pieces that go across in the middle inside have to be up towards the top. Otherwise your items won't stick up high like they should.  You do have to close it after each time you place something on to see if it's sticking too far out the sides.  Also, if you use a flower embellishment, it would definitely needs to be hand stamped at the post office as it'll make it bulky.  The 'white piece' they reference in the video is for you to write your message on.  I opted not to do so on mine as I had the message in the pop out pieces and the people I was giving it to knew who it was from.  Below is the link to the youtube video I used and also the blog I saw it originally on.

I have another one in the works that is just a hello type one that I'll post up when it get's done eventually. :)

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Baby Album

I have a co-worker friend that will be giving birth to a baby girl anytime now.  I've been working on this project since Christmas break.  She did the baby room in pinks and purples with butterflies.  This is a real mix of cuts in this album; Cricut and Silhouette.  Most of the cuts are from the cricut.  I used paper from quite a few paper stacks, mainly DCWV. Thanks for looking!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Personal December Daily 2013

I am definitely behind some on my December Daily this year.  So many projects I've been doing that this one kept getting pushed to the side.  I'll spend the next week catching up and finishing it though. I have the pictures printed and papers, so mainly just need to sit down and do it.  The numbers were a Silhouette download from their online store.  I used the same album last year. I like the idea of having the same size along a shelf. I suppose eventually Simple Stories will no longer carry them, but until then I'll use them. :) I'll probably pick another one or two up for the next two years one of these days with a coupon.

Altered Cigar Box and Cards

My mother in law's birthday is the day after Christmas.  Her husband is a retired optometrist and they owned their own business where she managed the front etc.  Anyways, they've collected some antique equipment over the years to put into their office.  When I saw the this Graphic 45 paper, I knew I would eventually make something for her with it.  I picked up this box at CraftWarehouse for $3. I painted it black, but just a light coat that I then sand papered to distress some. Modgepodge for the paper and then I embellished it. The glasses were just $1 from the dollar store. I'd never use real ones as those I donate to the Lion's etc.  The feet and corners are Tim Holtz.  I then used my Silhouette to make a bunch of cards.  I've been using it more lately as it's sitting on my table ready to go. I do find that the Silhouette software is much better than the Cricut Craft Room.  I hope ProvoCraft eventually adds more abilities to their software. I wasn't sure how it'd go over, but my DH called tonight and told me she loved it (whew!)  I have another one I'll be making with a different paper for another family member.  Thanks for looking!

These are actual pictures I've taken with my camera.  One simple and quick way to make some cards is with a 4x6" picture and some gold edging stickers.  Usually I do black in the background, but didn't this time. I think I prefer the black myself.